I grew up…….

smack dab in the middle of the Piedmont region of North Carolina (and while I’ve been many places I’ve comeback home). As the middle child in a family of all girls, I was a maker. Quietly fiddling away with anything I could get her hands on, sticks, boxes, fabric, just anything. In my mind there was nothing I couldn’t make with glue and an oatmeal container. So, when I went to college of course I was going to learn to weld, cast metal, throw pots and paint. After getting a degree in sculpture, I worked as a picture framer. I was fortunate enough to frame wonderful works for galleries and museums. We saw amazing and beautiful things. I wondered about the history of these objects, what stories they could tell. I would think of the hands that touched them, that created them, who were they, what were they thinking, what were their lives like. I have always loved stories, the women in my family could tell great ones, if you could get them to sit down long enough. Even now, when I make things I build stories around the pictures/objects. I think how they will be used, what people will see in them. For me, this is an illustrators job, they tell tales, like an author, building on their words, bringing them to life.


BFA, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Design, Art institute of Pittsburgh


History Press, 2014. “Young Andrew Jackson in the Carolinas, A Revolutionary Boy”.

New Moon for Girls


Kernersville, NC